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One of the greatest source of comforts for me, when Danielle was diagnosed, was searching and finding web pages designed by parents, to get a first hand account of what their family had faced..  This helped me relate and learn from them, what to expect in the days to come.  But most importantly, it helped our family not to  feel so alone and offered hope to us, when we saw that life really does go on, and that these families survived both physically and emotionally.

With this in mind, a bunch of wonderful families have offered their web sites to me, so that I may create a list for you, the viewer.  THANK YOU to all the wonderful friends I have made, thank you for letting me show others our beautiful children, and their stories!  This is one step in the right directions, reaching out to other families and busting down the wall of ignorance!  Thank you, Thank you........God bless you all!!!!!!!