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This site is from a parents perspective.  All information
has been found through personal research or personal
experiences and is not intended for medical purposes.
  As always, one should seek the advice of a doctor or in this case,
a vascular anomalies specialist.


              Hemangiomas                                      Vascular 

                 Types-                                                                  Types-         
                 Superficial or "Strawberry"                               Venular (port wine)
                 Deep                                                                    Venous
                 Compound or cavernous (both deep &               Lymphatic
                                                           superficial)                  Arterio-Venous


                Color will stay with compression                          Color drains with

                Blood cells increase                                              Blood vessels
                                                                                                increase  and
                                                                                                 cells increase

                Hemagiomas grow and then involute                   V.M.'s grow, do
                (shrink)                                                                    not shrink
                  *Venous Malformations are commonly  mistaken as

Danielle's diagnosis is:  one parotid compound hemangiomas (this is the one on the right side of her face), and a sternal (where her neck meets her sternum) compound hemangiomas;  Both tumors are compound meaning superficial and deep.


                        GROWTH CYCLES

               Primary growth cycle-  Birth - 2 mo's
                    2nd Growth cycle-  Approx. 4 mo's old
                                                    and lasts 6 - 8 wks.

                    Stops growing-   Anywhere from 1- mo's
                                                to 18 mo's.

Hemangiomas are vascular lesions; BUT not all vascular lesions are hemangiomas.